We have a small team of staff who manage projects and the day-to-day running of ACT.

Julie Young. [email protected]

ACT Development Manager.

Julie is involved in all of ACT’s projects and works with the Board to steer ACT’s core activities. Julie has been involved with ACT since the beginning (September 2013). No two days are the same and she enjoys working with great people on interesting projects to make a difference in Argyll and the Isles.

Sam Upson[email protected]

ACT Finance Officer

Sam joined our team in February 2019 and is quickly getting stuck in to her new role. Sam has a variety of skills and experience that she is adapting to suit the finance role in ACT. Sam is enjoying working in a small team and having different things to do everyday.

Erin Kennedy. [email protected]

ACT Outdoor Nursery Manager

Erin is in charge of developing the new ACT Outdoor Nursery - MAKI pups.

Sara Maclean. [email protected]

Branching Out Argyll co-ordinator

Sara manages the Branching Out project in Argyll and provides support to the teams that run the programmes.  Sara enjoys meeting and working with brilliant people and making a positive difference to people’s lives in Argyll.


Sarah Edwards[email protected]

ACT CANN Site Co-ordinator

Sarah manages the CANN project on Islay. She enjoys having a positive impact on the environment by helping to preserve important peatland habitats. There’s also the added bonus of working in a beautiful location! Sarah joined ACT in July 2017.

Deb Baker[email protected]

ACT CANN Support Officer

Deb’s role is to support the delivery of the CANN project on Islay. Her job is varied which makes it interesting and challenging. Deb joined ACT in July 2017 and likes the holistic, community-focused approach that is at the heart of all ACT’s activities.

Elaine Cameron.

ACT Project Officer. (on maternity leave)

Elaine assists with project development and core activities. Elaine enjoys finding ways to help bring project ideas to life and being involved with great people and projects. Elaine joined ACT in March 2017 and was previously the project officer for ACT Hubs.

Anna Headrige.

ACT Marketing Officer.

Anna’s role is to provide marketing support to the ACT team and projects. Anna loves working with the ACT team and helping to spread positivity within Argyll and the Isles. Anna joined ACT in 2014.