Our board members share why they're involved with ACT and what ACT brings to Argyll. 

Grace MacLeod (Vice Chair)

Grace came along to the first ever ACT annual meeting and wanted to get involved as she liked the environmental aims of ACT and felt they matched up with hers. Grace enjoys being involved with and representing ACT. She thinks ACT's projects are important for improving Argyll because they make Argyll even better for people who live and work here. Her favourite part of Argyll has to be Castleton Harbour.

Grace Macleod Castleton Harbour

Ross Lilley (Chair)

Ross has been involved with ACT since the first consultation on establishing a countryside trust in Argyll, around 2009! He's remained on the board since. Ross got involved because he views ACT, by working with SNH and other partners, as a way of delivering benefits for Argyll's natural heritage and for communities. Having been brought up in Argyll, he also has a personal desire that more people realise the benefits from the wonderful environment we live in.

Ross enjoys being on the ACT board as he feels that together, we are making a real and positive difference for Argyll. On his favourite part of Argyll, Ross struggled to pick just one but said...

"If pushed, I particularly like the contrast in environments and scenery between the hills above Loch Long and Loch Eck versus the intimate landscapes around Crinan and Knapdale and the wide open seascapes and machair of Tiree, Mull and Islay. OK…I can’t choose. All of Argyll is my favourite part of Scotland!"

Andree Hawke

Andree came along to our first AGM to learn more about ACT. She was on the Tighnabruaich District Development Trust (TDDT) board and had a keen interest in the local footpaths and wildlife. She was interested in the work of ACT and thought the two organisations could be mutually useful so Andree joined as an Advisor and later became a member of the Board.  Andree says that ACT is in a unique position as it covers the whole of Argyll and can bring some cohesion to the various projects going on in different locations. ACT gives leadership and guidance to small groups in Argyll and enables them to realise success. 

Andree thinks ACT's projects are important as it is too easy for small separate groups to become insular. ACT brings a vision and funding to enable large linked projects to take place which contribute to the wellbeing of the environment and its residents.

When asked where her favourite part of Argyll is, Andree says it's an impossible questions! She loves where she lives and also Crinan Harbour, canal basin and Crinan Ferry.

Duncan MacLachlan 

Duncan recently got involved as he saw ACT as a way of making a difference across Argyll. He's enjoyed getting to know ACT's staff and board and getting stuck in to new projects!

He thinks ACT's projects are important as they're attempting to plug and fill gaps, maintain and enhance a quality of life for all those living and working here, visiting or returning.

He also had difficulty narrowing down his favourite part of Argyll, but "if pinned down for a single idyllic spot, tinged with personal sentiment it would be Knapdale and Carsaig near Tayvallich looking West towards Jura and the edge of the world beyond."

Bruce Marshall

Bruce has been with ACT since the beginning, firstly as a representative of Argyll and Bute Council. Since retiring from the Council in 2017 he has been a community member of the Board. Bruce was first attracted to ACT by our environmental objectives, particularly management of invasive species. He is very concerned about the spread of Rhododendron ponticum in Argyll and is therefore pleased to see ACT projects tackling invasive species. He would also like to see action to manage invasive American mink in Argyll so maybe this is a project for the future. Bruce enjoys the interaction ACT has with communities, in particular young people and school children, and particularly enjoyed the competitions that ACT held to engage communities throughout Argyll. He is looking forward to the opening of MAKI Pups, our new outdoor nursery. When asked where his favourite place in Argyll is, Bruce said "at present (there are so many in Argyll) is Port Appin looking across to Lismore".  

Jan Dunlop

Jan got involved with ACT because she was keen to see potential environmental and outdoor education projects progress and felt that they needed an organisation such as ACT to make them happen. Jan likes the fact that ACT brings partners and expertise together to fulfil aspirations and provide support to all corners of Argyll. She believes that many projects would not get off the starting blocks without ACT and associated partners because projects require the power, expertise and skills pool of ACT and the Board to make things happen. Jan admits she can't choose between her favourite places of Skipness and Mull.