In the beginning

When we started in 2013, we received start-up assistance from public agencies. This covered core costs and helped us to launch some initiatives. Since then, we have been very successful in securing funding for a variety of projects from national and international funding bodies. Wherever possible funding applications are made based on full cost recovery. We ensure that project budgets reflect the actual cost of delivery, including staff and overheads. 

Moving forward

We continue to receive some funding from public agencies each year but recognise that we are a social enterprise and that public funding is becoming more project focused and outcomes driven.  Since start up, our generated income has increased from 0% of total income to 20% in 2017-18 which is close to meeting our core running costs. Core funding is essential for our sustainability and we are investigating creative ways to generate income to ensure we can have a long-term impact in Argyll and the Isles. 

Our annual accounts can be viewed here

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