Improving our environment, investing in our workforce

ACT Argyll is an environmental works project with a focus on improving Argyll’s natural and social environment. Our aim is to equip job seekers with the certified skills and experience they need to move into full-time employment whilst providing our communities with services which enhance local areas.

ACT Argyll team

Our team includes a full-time project co-ordinator (Mark McDougall) and a full-time team supervisor (Stuart MacDonald) as well as two 6-month trainee positions and two 6-week work experience placements at any one time.

The team delivers a range of works including amenity space improvement, small scale joinery, path clearance, construction and maintenance, beach cleans, landscaping and outdoor gardens works such as pesticides and weeding. The team is based in Helensburgh and can work on projects that can be reached within a working day (approximate area shown within red circle on map below). 


The team hard at work in Helensburgh

The approximate area covered by the ACT Argyll team

ACT Argyll works in partnership with Hermitage Park, Dunbritton Housing Association, Duchess Woods and Helensburgh and District Access Trust. 

ACT Argyll funding

The project is fully funded by the Social Economy Growth Fund (European Social Fund delivered via Scottish Government) until 2019. ACT Argyll is wholly owned by ACT and was first established in Helensburgh and Oban from August 2015 until October 2016.

ACT Argyll will draw to a close in July 2019. The ACT Argyll team leave a legacy of some great community projects assisted, and valuable skills and experience gained. For more information about what the team have been up to see our news articles and blogs.

Thank you to all the community groups who have supported ACT Argyll and to the ACT Argyll team who have been a pleasure to work with.