Our mission is to sustainably maintain, enhance and promote the coast and countryside of Argyll and the Isles. Why? Because it is a spectacular part of the world that everyone should be able to enjoy now and forever.  

How it all began

In 2012 a feasibility study was conducted to assess support for establishing a new countryside trust in Argyll. Of the 350 groups and individuals consulted, 89% of respondents were in full support of creating the Argyll and the Isles Coast and Countryside Trust. In April 2014 the Trust was formally launched with ACT as its identity and charitable status in place. ACT is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCO44733). Our constitution can be downloaded here.

Our structure

We are a community led organisation, supported by agencies – Scottish Natural Heritage, Forestry Commission Scotland, Argyll and Bute Council and NHS Highland. We have a Board made up of community and agency representatives, as well as a team of advisors on hand to support and advise projects and staff.

Our Board and Advisors represent the majority of active sectors and agencies working across Argyll and the Isles so our quarterly meetings are a great forum for exchange of information and for discussing new activity. To this end, whilst we are happy to share and discuss local countryside issues at our meetings, we are essentially a delivery organisation and will not take up campaigns, objections, or lobby on behalf of others.

What we do

ACT’s main role is as a facilitator – helping things to happen that wouldn’t otherwise progress. Our activities are primarily project based covering a range of topics to meet our objectives.

We currently employ one full-time Development Manager, one full-time project officer and one part-time Finance Officer whose responsibilities cover projects and core tasks. The rest of our staff are dedicated to, and fully funded by, specific projects. We have been very successful in securing project funding, but this funding does not usually cover core tasks such as the day-to-day running of ACT or the development of new projects.

Core funding is essential for our sustainability and we are investigating creative ways to generate income to ensure we can have a long-term impact in Argyll and the Isles.

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