Learn more about the causes and impacts of climate change, plus ways to tackle it.

Human activities have increased the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, causing our planet to warm and our climate to change.

In Scotland we expect sea level rise as increased temperatures cause seawater to expand and ice sheets worldwide to melt. This will threaten our coastal communities with flooding. In addition to increasing temperatures we expect more extremes of weather. This will affect our infrastructure, the crops we can grow, our ecosystems and our natural plants and animals. Some of these changes are happening now.

Act Now can assist your classroom, organisation, business, or community engage in conversation about climate change. Please contact the Act Now Project Officer on 07943 020241 or [email protected] to discuss your needs.

Great resources to build a climate change discussion within your family, or organisation, are available here

The Keep Scotland Beautiful ‘Guide to Climate Change’ is available here and also has lots of useful information. 

Do you work within Education? Act Now would be keen to work with you on Experiences and Outcomes relevant to climate change. We have some examples and educational resources listed here.

Act Now project officer Jamie has recently become certified in Carbon Literacy and has met with standards to allow him to deliver carbon literacy and climate conversations.

The training to achieve this qualification is free to community leaders. Find out more about climate emergency training from Keep Scotland Beautiful here

Jamie has also been attending online climate conversations and is ready to share his findings with you.