Locally and worldwide, the climate is changing. Year on year, records for global temperatures and extreme weather events are being broken. 

Argyll and Bute communities, places and landscapes are being affected by climate change in different ways. The recent damage and disruption from storms, flooding and landslides is one example of what we can increasingly expect.

The CPP established a Climate Working Group to increase understanding of the facts and the urgency of addressing climate change within the whole of Argyll & Bute, securing funding for a Project Manager, employed by ACT, to lead development of a Climate Change Strategy and Action plan for Argyll & Bute. The priority for the project is to establish a region-wide climate risk assessment and to develop an integrated set of adaptation, mitigation and engagement actions, and promote a just and equitable transition to a net zero economy.

To achieve this we have started working with agencies, organisations and groups across Argyll to develop a joined-up approach to engage with climate change that also reflects community priorities for better housing, transport and wellbeing. 

We are reviewing work that has already been done and material that has already been published so that we can present a picture of where we are currently most and least climate ready. Then we shall need to build upon our collaboration with ABCAN to engage Argyll & Bute communities to get input on:

·      Ways to reduce our emissions and sequester carbon

·      Ways to adapt to our changing climate

·      Ways to ensure that we do this in a socially just manner

For further information and to get involved please contact Project Manager Andy Macpherson [email protected]

This project is made possible by funding from Argyll & Bute Council, NHS Highland, NatureScot and Argyll & Bute Third Sector Interface with in kind support from the wider Community Planning Partnership. For further information about our partners please visit their pages.