Main banner photo by Ian Dow / ACT

ACT is a proud partner of The Alliance for Scotland's Rainforest (ASR). For World Rainforest Day 2024, ASR is highlighting the incredible efforts to restore Scotland’s threatened temperate rainforest. These projects are essential for preserving our rare and unique rainforest and provide substantial economic benefits to some of Scotland’s most rural communities.

Infographic about economic impact impact of rainforest restoration

ACT is leading on two ASR rainforest projects at Knapdale and West Cowal. Our CEO, Julie Young, said: “Restoring our temperate rainforests is an amazing opportunity, but it’s also a huge challenge. If done half-heartedly or over a short timescale then all the initial work and investment will be wasted, and we’ll be right back where we started.

“To be successful, it’s crucial that this work receives long-term commitment from ASR partners and funders. The NRF has been really important in getting all the rainforest projects off the ground, but it’s due to end in 2026, so we need to think about where we go after that.

“It’s also vital that rainforest communities are at the heart of these projects, as this work can’t happen without the support of people who live in these areas.”

Discover how rainforest restoration is creating jobs and attracting investment by reading the full story on the ASR website: Rainforest Restoration Projects Bring Jobs and Investment to Rural Communities.

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The projects, and most of the new jobs, have been made possible due to support from the Scottish Government’s Nature Restoration Fund (NRF), managed by NatureScot, and the National Lottery Heritage Fund (NLHF). They join a growing number of roles supporting rainforest work across Scotland funded by ASR partners, individual donors, companies and charitable trusts.

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