Project: Visitor giving schemes in Argyll
Community Group: Kintyre Way Trust/long distance route forum
Location: Kintyre Way/all long distance routes
Region: Kintyre and Gigha/all regions

Project summary

ACT Hubs wrote a review of visitor giving schemes and an evaluation of how such schemes could be applied to long distance routes in Argyll to fund-raise for route maintenance. 

Project details

Every little helps

Visitor giving is a simple way of inviting small, voluntary donations from visitors, inspiring them to put something back into looking after the places they love. Visitor giving works on the principle that a lot of small contributions add up to something significant and provides an opportunity to increase understanding between the needs of tourism and the needs of the local environment. Money raised from donations, usually through local business, can contribute to local environmental projects.  The Kintyre Way Trust proposed setting up a visitor giving scheme to fund maintenance and other projects on the Kintyre Way route. 

ACT Hubs support

We were was asked to research visitor giving schemes on behalf of the Kintyre Way and review how a scheme might be applied in the area. A review of visitor giving schemes was compiled, with information including how visitor giving schemes can work, how money is collected, potential challenges, and case studies. A change in circumstances for the Kintyre Way Trust meant that the group did not have the capacity to progress the project at the time. 

Other long distance routes had expressed an interest in developing similar schemes in Argyll. The report was updated and an evaluation of the information and case studies was carried out to highlight interesting points that could be useful to future ventures. The report highlighted the need to consider a collaborative approach to a visitor giving scheme in Argyll to avoid confusion and competition for resources, business support and visitor donations. 

More information

If you would like to know more about this report please contact us: [email protected]