Weather, beasties, washing, we’ve compiled a handy list of FAQs from the questions we regularly hear from families. 

When are you open?

From August 2024 our funded ELC sessions will be from 9am and 3pm from Monday through to Friday. We can offer care before 9am and after 3pm for non-ELC hours. 

How many free hours am I entitled to?

From the age of three, children are entitled to up to 1140 hours of funded ELC. 

Can I use my hours at different settings?

You can choose to split your 1140 ELC-funded hours between two settings. Our nursery manager can help explain how could work for you.

What if I need more hours of childcare?

We can offer care before 9am and after 3pm – just get in touch and let us know what you need.

Where are you?

We are situated in the walled gardens at Kilmory Castle, Lochgilphead.

What about my washing pile?

On wet days there can be more drying to do but our parent’s gear guide should help to prevent your washing pile from getting too much bigger!

What about the beasties?

Children have a natural sense of curiosity, but we talk a lot about being kind to all creatures and to be careful of bees and wasps. The midgies enjoy visiting MAKI Pups and we can apply repellent. Our smoky fire helps keep them at bay most days. 

What happens in bad weather?

We have various settings, including a Hobbit house, polytunnel and the woodland, which all offer shelter on wilder days. But we find that children do love to play in the rain! And we make sure they have their waterproofs on.

What should my child wear?

We have developed a comprehensive seasonal gear guide to help our families ensure that children are comfortable all year round. We can offer help and advice – please just ask.

Do they just play all day? What about the real learning?

We follow the same curriculum as other ELC settings – it just happens outside. Children can learn so much from the natural world around them and hands-on active learning makes the learning more meaningful. 

What about the toilets?

We have waterless toilets onsite for the children to use. We give our families more information about this in our handbook. The team will offer as much or as little support as is required by each child.

What about snacks and lunches?

We provide fresh fruit and milk or water at snack time.

Two-course hot lunches are available free of charge daily, they are cooked offsite and delivered to us. The catering team can also accommodate different dietary requirements.

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Still have questions?

Email our nursery manager, Erin, [email protected]