Easy access to nature encourages physical activity which in turn has positive health effects. We want everyone who lives, works, and visits Argyll and the Isles to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

What we do

We encourage, facilitate, and promote responsible access to our coast and countryside through our activities, and work with our partners and communities to improve access and interpretation.

There are lots of ways to access nature in Argyll and the Isles. Whether through sport, play, wildlife watching, or historical interests there is something for everyone.

Long distance routes

There is a huge network of paths throughout the region, from short, easy, walking paths, to more challenging long distance walking, cycling, mountain biking and kayaking routes. Argyll and the Isles hosts over 200 miles of Scotland’s Great Trails, 80 miles of the National Cycle Network and the 93 mile Argyll Sea Kayak Trail. These long distance routes are one of the regions key resources. Supporting these routes was identified as a high priority for ACT in the 2012 feasibility study and we are perfectly placed to do this as an independent and strategic organisation. We launched the Long Distance Route Forum, a working group with representatives from these routes as well as other agencies and organisations. 


Geocaching is a great family friendly way of encouraging people to explore just a little way off the beaten track and to draw them to lovely sites that they might not otherwise visit. We have been working to enhance the geocache network around mid Argyll and have over 10 live and registered caches on geocaching.com


Projects and activities directly related to this theme: