ReCycle, our project to encourage people to cycle as part of their everyday journeys, has provided over 60 bikes to applicants since 2022, exceeding our initial target of 45! Since April 2022, we’ve been supporting individuals and families to cycle for everyday short journeys, as well as promoting cycling to all ages and abilities.

A happy bike recipient, who improved their fitness while also reducing car use, comments: “Thanks again for the bike. I have been using it for trips instead of taking the car. I have also been using the bike to help my fitness and have lost over two stone as a result."

Recipients of bikes are asked to keep a travel diary and their feedback indicates that, on average, users of the bicycles are saving 0.3tCO2e every year, in addition to health and financial benefits.

Having access to a bike not only reduces car journeys, it also improves health and wellbeing, as this family who received ReCycle bikes commented: "The bikes were used every day in the summer holidays by my grandsons who cycled for miles along the coast, in the woods, and up and down tracks. It got them out into the fresh air and kept them fit which always encourages positive mental health. And it was a free activity.” Testimony from one of the families who received bikes.

Keeping bikes out of landfill

Over 1.4 tonnes of unused bicycles and parts have been diverted from landfill and around 95 bicycles were donated this year alone.

“Thanks so much for the refurbished bikes, they’re great! We're probably doing 20 to 30 miles on them every month at least. They’re a great thing to have and a joy to use,” said another bike recipient.

We're pleased to hear of the positive impact our project is having in our community. ReCycle is funded by Argyll & Bute Council’s Smarter Choices Smarter Places and Transport Scotland.  You can find out more here.