After a busy few months, we have a batch of refurbished bikes looking for new homes thanks to our reCycle team. And we're ready to take in more of your unwanted bikes.

ReCyle refurbishes bicycles donated to us in Mid Argyll and returns them for free to the community.  Ian, a Velotech-qualified cycle technician, has been working away creating a stock of refurbished bikes for those looking to get the benefits of cycling in 2024 and beyond.  

We have a growing range of bikes available to suit all sizes and abilities.  

Apply for a refurbished bicycle

To apply, please contact ACT Now project manager Jamie Joyce. 

Email Jamie 

Why do we believe in the power of cycling?

We look to support those making a transition away from car use, even if that reduction of traditional motor-powered travel is minimal. We believe that the advantages of cycling are addictive, and we want everyone to benefit!

Donate your unwanted bikes 

We’re aware that many new bicycles are purchased at this time of year. If you have older bikes that are unused or you have outgrown them, let us find the bicycle a new home. 

Email ACT Now project manager Jamie Joyce.

Email Jamie 

By donating your bike, you are contributing to a more healthy, mobile and climate-friendly Mid Argyll community. 

Project support

Funding for this project comes from Smarter Choices Smarter Places through Argyll and Bute Council. Many thanks to them for their support.