ACT has been awarded funding from Freasdail and Blary Hill Wind Farms through the wind farm's Covid Recovery Fund. The local Argyll wind farms are supporting local communities who have been impacted by, and as they recover from, the pandemic. 

A spokesperson from the wind farms said "The Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on communities right across the country. Blary Hill and Freasdail Wind Farms are proud to support ACT and the local community as they recover from this health and economic crisis". 

The funding will contribute towards the appointment of an experienced forester as a Woodland Officer for ACT. The Woodland Officer will work to address one of ACT's foremost priorities - the regeneration and expansion of Argyll's unique and threatened rainforest. This diverse habitat supports a variety of globally rare species and is a valuable resource for biodiversity, carbon sequestration, communities and eco-tourism. Much of this habitat is under threat from over-grazing, commercial forestry and invasive species such as Rhododendron ponticum. You can find out more about Argyll's rainforest on our project page here

ACT is proposing to regenerate and expand Argyll's rainforest through a number of initiatives including the establishment of a high social value carbon credit trading service for landowners and investors. The Woodland Officer will undertake surveys, draw up planting plans, and work alongside developers and landowners to develop planting strategies. This contribution from Freasdail and Blary Hill Wind Farms is a significant step towards funding the Woodland Officer, which is a first and important step towards realising our ambitions for native woodlands across Argyll.