Introducing the new Argyll and Bute Climate Action Network Hub

A new Argyll and Bute Climate Action Network (ABCAN) Hub will support Argyll and Bute residents to face the challenge of climate change. 

Climate change is a lived experience across our community. Argyll and Bute is the second largest local authority by land area in Scotland and includes 23 inhabited islands. Travel routes are long and public transport is poor. Our infrastructure is weak and is regularly disrupted by the weather. Our communities are already working to mitigate the effects of climate change. 

The new Hub will give a voice to community-led climate action, help to coordinate activities and support our community as we work towards a net zero Argyll and Bute.

Thanks to Scottish Government funding, and overseen by a collaboration between ACT, Argyll and Bute Third Sector Interface and Time for Change Argyll and Bute, the Argyll and Bute Climate Action Network Hub will establish a network of engagement officers, based in each locality, to coordinate and build on our current climate activities. 

The ABCAN Hub will

  • deliver Carbon Literacy training,
  • facilitate climate conversations,
  • provide seed funding for climate mitigation,
  • engage with hard-to-reach groups,
  • identify opportunities for partnership working across the region to ensure that Argyll & Bute has a cohesive approach to tackling climate change in our communities.

The Hub is part of our ongoing ACT Now project.

ACT Now project manager Jamie Joyce comments: “We’re excited to build on our climate change work and expand our community engagement with the new ABCAN Hub. Creating a team and building relationships in communities across Argyll and Bute will support the grassroots and community-led activities to reach net zero in a way that promotes health, social benefits and local prosperity."

We’re building a team  

Climate change engagement officers are now based throughout Argyll and Bute as a point of contact for community groups in each locality. 

This engagement team will build relationships with community groups and communities who are already engaged in climate action as well as helping other groups and communities to get involved.  

Get involved

We’re keen to hear from any interested individuals, groups or organisations in Argyll and Bute who want to know more about the Hub and how it will contribute to climate action. We are growing and building the network so please contact us, email [email protected].

Who are the project partners?

The ABCAN Hub is a collaboration between ACT, Argyll and Bute Third Sector Interface and Time for Change Argyll and Bute. The project is funded by the Scottish Government.

What is net zero?

“'Net Zero' means the amount of greenhouse gas emissions we put into the atmosphere and the amount we’re able to take out will add up to zero. Our first step is to reduce emissions by changing our actions and processes, but not all emissions can be avoided. To get to net zero any emissions we create would be balanced by schemes that offset the same amount of greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere, for example by planting trees, restoring peatland or using technology like carbon capture and storage. Reaching net zero is key to tackling the global climate emergency, as well as the changes we need to make now because of the ongoing effects of climate change. 

“Being 'Net Zero' will help transform the way we live for the better, making Scotland a healthier, cleaner, safer, fairer place for us and for generations to come. We must all act now to achieve it.”

From Net Zero Nation ‘The Importance of Net Zero’