Watch this video to learn about our ECOnnect Map Argyll and then explore the map below. 

Explore the ECOnnect Map Argyll

Zoom in and out and click on logos to see more information about featured organisations. 

The purpose of this map is to bring together all those in Argyll and the Isles that have aims broadly in line with the mission statement of ACT - to sustainably maintain, enhance and promote the coast and countryside of Argyll and the Isles. Why? Because it is a spectacular part of the world that everyone should be able to enjoy now and forever.

It is the hope of ACT Now that the map will encourage greater levels of collaboration between likeminded organisations, and promote more effective and lasting engagement with the residents of Argyll and beyond. 

ACT Now is looking to add any not-for-profit organisation to the map which have a focus on climate change awareness, home energy efficiency, sustainable travel, local food production, health and wellbeing in the natural environment, environmental education, upcycling/recycling, improving biodiversity, promotion of natural heritage etc. 

The map is constantly being updated. If your organisation should be on the map please contact Jamie, the ACT Now project officer: [email protected] 

ACT Now is funded by the Climate Challenge Fund.